RATAmation Software for Part 60 and Part 75 Reporting


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Software to Automate the Instrumental Test Method
for Part 60 and Part 75 Reporting.

Since the EPA revised the Instrumental Reference Method (IRM) for Part 60 and Part 75 reporting in 2006, no new software has been published to help stack testers automate this process – until now!

No longer do you have to copy and paste data the old fashioned way, with the associated time, expense and risk of error. Stop using out-of-date software or data logging packages not designed for RATAs. No more guessing about where your customer stands during the RATA.

RATAmation by Perma Pure helps stack testers simplify and streamline their RATAs. RATAmation, coupled with the BaldwinTM Series 4300 Flow Control Drawer, will:

  • Prompt you through the process steps

  • Flow cal gases at the correct times automatically

  • Collect data automatically

  • Generate more than 100 EPA-submissible spreadsheets automatically

RATAmation runs in fully automatic or a prompted manual mode which suggests the next cal gas or test step but allows you to manually control each run and calibration. You can even use RATAmation to record up to 30 days of data!

RATAmation offers stack testers these benefits:

  • Reduce costs by minimizing errors and time to report

  • Standardize test procedures across your organization

  • Enhance repeatability of process and consistency of results

  • Reduce training curve for new employees

  • Improve customer service and response time

  • Complete final RATA results on site

  • Provides feedback regarding performance of your equipment (e.g., noise)

Screen Shots: (click to enlarge)

RATAmation Main Screen

RATAmation Main Screen


RATAmation Results Summary Screen

RATAmation Results Summary Screen



RATAmation Compliance Summary Screen

RATAmation Compliance Summary Screen


RATAmation is published by Perma Pure LLC, providers of gas sample conditioning equipment for the air quality monitoring industry.

Perma Pure makes Nafion™-based membrane dryer systems and Baldwin coolers, sample probes, dilution systems and flow control drawers.

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