Medical Equipment & Breath Gas Analysis

Perma Pure Products for OEM Medical Equipment and Breath Gas Analysis

Perma Pure is a certified ISO 13485 Medical Device Manufacturer and supplies the industry with a unique range of Gas Sampling Lines, Breath Gas Dryers and Moisture Exchangers widely used for Anesthesia monitoring, Stress testing/Pulmonary function testing, Capnography (CO2 monitoring) and Asthma monitoring (Nitric Oxide). Our application expertise lies where moisture needs to be removed from breath samples for accurate breath gas analysis.

The most common source of problems in breath gas analysis is the water vapor present in the sample. It can cause condensation in gas sampling lines and measurement cells as well as interference with (IR) CO2 monitoring. Perma Pure ME™ – Series gas sampling lines and moisture exchangers selectively remove only water vapor from the sample, virtually eliminating this source of analyzer failure. Available in a variety of tube diameters, lengths, and fitting combinations, our products can be used in a variety of applications and across a wide range of flow rates. Our product lines are shown below:

Medical Equipment Product Selection Guide

Medical Breath Dryers
Flow Rates 0-4 lpm

Medical Sample Lines
Flow Rates 0-4 lpm

Gas Humidification
Flow Rates 0-4 lpm

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Medical Dryer
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