Challenges Associated with Inhaled Nitric Oxide Therapy

Water vapor interferes with the proper operation of analytical equipment in a variety of ways:

Nitric oxide gas supplied in this therapy is extremely dry and may lead to patient discomfort. This is overcome by introducing humidification into the breathing circuit. The gas mixture is also heated to reach a comfortable level. While this humidification method provides patient comfort, moisture may be present in the gas mixture going to the monitoring system which could compromise accuracy. If condensation occurs, it could harm the equipment and make it uncomfortable for the patient.

The Perma Pure Solution: ME Series Highly –Selective Permeation Tubing

When Perma Pure’s ME Series moisture exchangers are included in the sample line, excess moisture is removed while preserving sample integrity. The ME Series utilizes Nafion™ technology to remove only water vapor without changing the levels or concentrations of NO, NO2, or O2. Some systems also include a water trap immediately prior to the entry point into the sensor enclosure. Using an ME Series moisture exchanger in the sample line will remove moisture and increase monitoring accuracy.

Additionally, warm, moist air provides an ideal environment for the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses which can collect and grow in the trap over time, increasing the risk of ventilator acquired pneumonia and other nosocomial infections.

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