Nafion™ Polymer's Antibacterial Properties

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Respiratory treatment and respiratory monitoring may lead to several complications. You need to deal with the possibilities of hospital acquired pneumonia and other infections.

Aside from its Biocompatibility properties, we tested Nafion™ tubing’s ability to prevent contamination from passing through the material in a humidification setting. You will be glad to know that Nafion™ polymer shows great promise in preventing bacterial contamination. We recreated a humidification test by placing the Nafion tubing in a water bath contaminated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococus aureus and passed dry, clean air through the tube. No detectable bacteria was found in the outlet after 24 hours. It was demonstrated that Nafion™ tubing acts as a barrier and will not transfer bacteria across the membrane. These results have shown promise for our tubing to be used in clinical setting without running the risk of contaminating any analytes, be it patient breath, or humidified medical gases that may be sent to a patient.

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