Perma Pure ME Series Nafion tubing-based permeation solutions are designed and engineered to be simple to implement while helping to improve accuracy and protect analyzers.

Delivering the Perma Pure Medical Advantage for Breath Drying

  • Rapidly and continuously remove water in vapor phase
  • Bio-compatible according to ISO 10993 which encompasses dermal sensitization, skin irritation, and cytotoxicity tests
  • Utilizes Nafion polymer tubing technology
  • Highly selective — removes up to 90% moisture
  • Pervaporation of liquid water
  • Improves accuracy of IR-based EtCO2 measurements by removing moisture interference
  • Highly selective – removes water vapor while retaining breath samples
  • Prevents condensation to protect medical monitoring equipment
  • Smaller dead volume when compared with a water trap

What Differentiates Us

Perma Pure’s ME series tubing has been designed specifically for medical applications and is manufactured at that company’s headquarters in Lakewood, NJ. Our facilities have all required certifications for medical device manufacturing and the resources to support contract manufacturing services to meet the unique needs of our customers in the medical segment.

ME Series Tubing
  • Braided polypropylene monofilament protects Nafion tubing
  • Application and engineering support to optimize for flow and moisture exchange
  • ME series dryer is 510k approved Class II accessory
  • 100% leak and flow testing of dryers and sample lines
  • FDA registered
  • ISO Class 8 cleanroom manufacturing
  • ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified
  • White room
Contract Manufacturing
  • Sample lines with or without dryers
  • Sample lines with filters
  • Custom labeling and packaging
  • Test capabilities
  • Overmolding and solvent bonding of connectors
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • 100% leak and flow testing of dryers and sample lines

A Quality-Driven, Innovative Partner

Perma Pure is a trusted supplier to thousands of customers. Our Nafion™ polymer-based solutions have enabled our customers to improve reliability, increase accuracy, and bring new and innovative medical products to market. You can turn to Perma Pure with confidence for proven moisture management solutions, backed by decades of experience, to enable your next breakthrough.

Let Us Help You Overcome Your Moisture Management Challenges