LAKEWOOD, N.J., July 25, 2018 – Perma Pure LLC, a global leader of gas conditioning solutions for fuel cell, scientific, environmental monitoring and medical, applications, today announced that the Company will be participating in the China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry Development Conference and Exhibition (CHFCE 2018), July 26-28, 2018, at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. The exhibition will focus on the expansion of the hydrogen fuel cell industry supply chain as well as integration and development of hydrogen fuel cell automobiles. This event will also feature applications of hydrogen fuel cells in power and energy systems, including solutions and technical products for micro-grid generation, energy storage and communications.

Hydrogen fuel cells are a clean energy source that are attracting greater interest as environmental awareness increases globally. However, they face a challenge with humidity. Experts have now found that humidity is one of the key factors affecting fuel cell system performance. Perma Pure’s Nafiontubing -based FC series are the ideal solution.The FC series can uniformly and continuously provide humidification for air and hydrogen within specified flow ranges. Additionally, the FC series humidifiers offer a low pressure drop, no power consumption and significantly reduces the actual load on the system.

Perma Pure’s FC Series humidifiers have a proven track record, having been successfully used in fuel cell vehicles, base stations, fuel cell laboratory test platforms and stationary power generation. At CHFCE, Perma Pure will showcase its FC series high-flow humidifiers, MH series small-flow humidifiers and ME moisture exchangers. Case studies will also be available to show how these solutions have helped customers across various industries achieve their application goals. Visit the Perma Pure exhibit, located at booth number B34 to learn more.

About Perma Pure LLC
Perma Pure LLC, a Halma company, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance gas conditioning solutions, including dryers, humidifiers, filters, coalescers, specialty scrubbers and complete sample conditioning systems.  Headquartered in Lakewood, NJ, and with service and support centers located in India and China, the Company is the exclusive manufacturer of tubing solutions using Nafion™ polymer, an ion exchange co-polymer originally developed by DuPont.  With products that deliver best-in-class quality and reliability, Perma Pure is the trusted choice for market leaders in medical, scientific, and environmental monitoring markets.  The Company’s products contribute to the health, safety, and well-being of millions of people around the world.  Perma Pure LLC is ISO certified to 9001:2015, 13485:2016, and is FDA registered. For more information, visit