Baldwin M425 M Class OEM Thermoelectric Cooler


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Accessory Information:

Perma Pure’s Baldwin™ Classic Series Model M425 features a unique slim design leaving additional space to install or access other sample conditioning system components. The M425 is a great choice for moderate flow rate single stream or dual stream applications.


  • 4 lpm (8.6 scfh); 112 Btu/Hr
  • Dual channel system
  • 2 active impingers, 5″ long in series or parallel (select material below)
  • LED status indicator
  • Water slip and temperature alarm relay
  • 100-120 VAC/ 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, auto-sensing
  • 11.2″ x 7.25″ x 11.2″; 17 lbs
  • Not suitable for high ambient temperature applications; Must be mounted in air conditioned enclosure
  • Dual head peristaltic drain pump required but not included

M425 Series Cooler Specifications

Sample Gas Flow Range 3-5 LPM – 6.5-10.8 SCFH
Inlet Dew Point at Rated Flow 140°F @ 20% H2O, 5 LPM – 60°C
Dimensions 11.20 x 7.25 x 11.20 in. HWD – 28.5 x 18.4 x 28.5 cm
Weight 17 lbs – 7.7 kg
Maximum Inlet Sample – Temperature 392°F (200°C) SS, Glass Impingers 280°F (138°C) Kynar™ Impinger
Maximum Inlet Pressure 45 psig – 3 bar / 2250 mmHg
Maximum Heat Exchanger Pressure Drop <+1 in. H2O
Ambient Temperature Range 33-104°F – 0.56-40°C
Outlet Sample Gas Dew Point 41°F – 5°C
Inlet Tubing Connection ⅜ in. FNPT
Outlet Tubing Connection ¼ in. FNPT
Drain Tubing Connection ⅜ in. FNPT
Voltage 110 (220 optional) VAC 50/60 Hz
Thermoelectric Elements 40 mm
Power Supply 250W
Cooling Down Time Less than 3 minutes

M425 Cooler Intelligent Product Numbering System


1 – Voltage
Not Required – Auto Sensing 0
2 – LCD Display Board
LCD Display Board, dual channel TD
No display Board 0
3 – Impingers (Required Option)
5″ Stainless Steel, EZ Clean Twist-Apart Impinger ES
5″ Glass Impinger, threaded with fittings G
5″ Kynar Impinger K
5″ Stainless-Durinert coated, EZ Clean Twist-Apart Impinger ED
4 – NJ Thermocouple
Stainless Steel Impingers Only
New Jersey thermocouple temperature sensor; lead wires only NJ
5 – Water slip sensor
Requires option 5 -relay board
Water slip sensor with inline flow holder; 1/4″ Kynar tube fittings WA

Baldwin M425 Series Cooler Recommended Accessories

ITEM # Description
3KPB-003 Peristaltic pump, dual head, 115 VAC, complete with enclosure
3KPB-004 Peristaltic pump, dual head, 230 VAC, complete with enclosure

Baldwin M425 Series Cooler Spare Parts

ITEM # Description
3KPB-000 Pump Peristaltic, No Heads
3KPB-000 Pump Peristaltic, No Heads
2PBM-001 Peristaltic pump, motor only, 115 VAC 60 Hz
2PBM-002 Peristaltic pump, motor only, 230 VAC 50 Hz
2PBM-003 Peristaltic pump, head only, standard
2PBT-002PK Peristaltic pump, tubing, norprene, size 17 (10 feet)
2PBM-006 Dual head hardware kit
3CXD-023 Impinger, 5″ EZ-Clean twist-apart, SS Durinert+ coated
3CXD-025 Impinger, 5″ NJ, EZ-Clean twist-apart, SS Durinert+ coated
3CXG-001 Impinger, 5″ glass, threaded with fittings
3CXK-001 Impinger, 5″ Kynar
3CXS-023 Impinger, 5″ SS, EZ-Clean twist-apart
3CXS-025 Impinger, 5″ NJ, EZ-Clean twist-apart, SS
0PTC-003 Paste,Thermal,Compound,2 Oz.Tube
3CCB-019 LCD temperature display board, dual channel
3CCB-018 Alarm board, single channel
3TCB-002 Board,Temp. Control, M-Class
1PSD-027 Power supply; 240 W, 15 VDC
1TTC-003 Thermocouple, temperature control, type K, 36″
1TTC-001 Thermocouple, temperature control, type K, 24″
2FAN-004 Fan, muffin, 4″ x 1-1/2″, 12VDC
3KPE-004 Peltier element kit, 40 mm, single TE
3CWS-007 Water slip sensor only with 18″ lead and male connector
3KCW-007 Water Slip Sensor,Assembly, Wire leads only
4C-NJ/K NJ Thermocouple Retrofit; for 1 Impinger