FC200-780 Series

FC200-780 Series Dimensions

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Housing material: Polypropylene

Model Number A B
C D Flow Rate (slpm)
Gas-to-Gas Water-to-Gas
Approach Temp.* Flow vs Dewpoint
4 deg 6 deg 9 deg
FC200-780-7PP 12.25″ 7″ 6.50″ 3.80″ 57 137 182
FC200-780-10PP 15.25″ 10″ 9.50″ 6.80″ 80 195 260

* The performance information for the gas-to-gas units are expressed as the flow rate of air (slpm) in relation to the approach dew point temperature. The approach temperature is defined as the difference between the cathode exhaust stream entering the humidifier and the humidifier exhaust stream going to the stack. For example, if the cathode exhaust dew point entering the humidifier is 67° and the humidifier generates a dew point of 61°, it would have been sized for a 6° approach temperature.