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Infrared Spectroscopy

1001 –Discusses selectivity of Nafion™ tubing dryers, with table of compounds

Measuring Trace Impurities in Air by Infrared Spectroscopy at 20 Meters Path and 10 Atmospheres Pressure; D. Baker, Jr., DuPont Experimental Station, American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal 835 (Nov. 1974)

Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy

2001 –Discusses drying prior to cryogenic pre-concentration for GC

Measuring VOCs for the Study of Atmospheric Processes; H.J.Th. Bloemen Et al, National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection, International Laboratory (Sept. 1990)

2002 –Discusses drying prior to cryogenic pre-concentration for GC

2003 –Discusses drying prior to cryogenic pre-concentration for GC

Selective Water Removal in Purge/GC Analysis of Volatile Aromatics in Aqueous Samples; J. Cochran, Northrop Services, Journal of High Resolution Chromatography 10:573 (1987).

2004 –Discusses drying prior to cryogenic pre-concentration for GC

A Rapid, Selective Method for the Analysis of Halogenated Gases in Water; J. Cochran, Northrop Services, Journal of High Resolution Chromatography 11: 663 (1988).

2005 –Discusses drying prior to cryogenic pre-concentration for GC

2009 –Discusses cooling dryer to reach extremely low dew points

Efficiency and Temperature Dependence of Water Removal by Membrane Dryers; K. Leckrone & J. Hayes, Indiana University, Anal. Chem. 69: No. 5, 911 (March, 1997).

2010 –Discusses drying gases without loss of chlorine or hydrogen chloride

2011 –Discusses drying gases without loss of semiconductor acid gases

In-Line Analysis of Acid Gases in Water Vapor Saturated Environments; J. Arno, ATMI-EcoSys Corp, Presentation at SEMICON Southwest97 (October, 1997).

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

3001 –Discusses sample conditioning systems for CEMS

Design and Operation of a Sampling Interface for Continuous Source Monitors; A. Wyss & B. Stroud, ITT Inc., Presentation at 70th Annual Meeting of Air Pollution Control Association (June 1977).

3002 –Discusses dryer performance with sulfur compound in stack gas

Evaluation of the Perma Pure Dryer for Drying Stack Gases; F. Cassidy, Exxon Research and Engineering Co., AID (Aug. 1974).

3003 –Compares Nafion™ tubing dryer to desiccant dryers for CO, CO2, and H2

Testing of a New Dryer for Top Gas Analysis; M. Bayewitz et al, Bethlehem Steel, Evaluation Report #1004-16 (Aug. 1974).

3005 –Discusses sample conditioning for HCl monitoring

3007 –Discusses drying gases without loss of small particles for PM10 and PM 2.5 applications

Development of a Real-Time Monitor for Volatile Fine Particulate Matter; F. Obeidi & D. Eatough, Brigham Young University, Presentation at Air & Waste Management Association 90th Annual Meeting (June 1997).

3008 –

3009 –Discusses drying air samples without loss of particulates

Integrated and Real-time Diffusion Denuder Samplers for PM2.5, Based on BOSS, PC and TEOM technology; D. Eatough, F. Obeidi, Y. Pang and Y. Ding, Bringham Young University, N. Eatough, California Polytechnic State University, and W. Wilson, US Environmental Protection Agency, Atmos, Environ. (Draft, October, 1997

3010 –Discusses drying air samples without loss of particulates

Characterization of 0.02µm to 1.0µm Particle Losses in Perma Pure Dryers: Dependence on Size, Charge, and Relative Humidity; W. Dick, P. Huang, and P. McMurry, University of Minnesota, Particle Technology Laboratory N. 936 (February, 1995).

3011 –Discusses sample conditioning for SO2 monitoring

3012 –Discusses problems in monitoring low SO2 and NOx levels

RECLAIM Drives Analytical Monitoring Upgrades; D. Podkulski and R. Junge, Chevron Products Company, InTech (August 1997)

3013 –Discusses problems in monitoring low NOx levels

3014 –Discusses gas appliance sampling

3015 –Discusses measuring on-road emissions at ULEV levels and below

Development of an On-Board Analyzer for use on Advanced Low Emission Vehicles; J. Jetter, Shinji Maeshiro, Honda R&D Americas, Inc, S. Hatcho, Honda R&D Co Ltd, R Klebba Nicolet Instrument Corp, Society of Automotive Engineers, Emission Measurement and Testing (March, 2000)

Miscellaneous Applications

4001 –Discusses sample preconcentration for AA

Flow Injection Donnan Dialysis Preconcentration of Cations for Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry; J. Koropchak & L. Allen, Southern Illinois University, (March 1989).

4002 –Discusses sample preconcentration for ICP

4003 –Discusses drying volatile metal hydrides and mercury vapor for AA

4004 –Discusses concentrating liquid reagent during addition

4005 –Discusses counter-ion substitution to suppress interferences

Elimination of Matrix Interferences in Ion Chromatographic Analysis of Difficult Aqueous Samples; W. Jones & P. Jandik, Waters Div. of Millipore, Journal of Chromatographic Science 27: 449 (1989).

4006 –Discusses drying aerosol sample prior to introduction into ICP

Use of a multi-tube Nafion™ tubing membrane dryer for desolvation with thermospray sample introduction to inductively coupled plasma- atomic emission spectrometry; Jinfu Yang, Timothy S. Conver, John A. Koropchak, David A. Leighty, Spectrochimica Acta Part B 51 1491-1503 (1996).

4007 –Discusses drying mercury vapor for AFS

4008 –Discusses drying aerosol sample prior to introduction into ICP-MS

4009 –Discusses drying aerosol sample prior to introduction into ICP

Elimination of Nitric Acid Interference in CP-AES by Using a Cyclonic Spray Chamber/Nafion™ Tubing Membrane- based Desolvation System; Antonio Canals, Luis Gras, and Humberto Contreras, University of Alicante, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 17, 219-226 (2002)4009-nitric-acid-interference-ICP.pdf