Perma Pure’s Full Product Portfolio – Sample Gas Dryers and Humidifiers, and Sample Conditioning Systems for CEMS and Process

Gas Sample Dryers

Perma Pure offers Nafion™ tubing -based tube and shell style dryers (requiring a dry counterflow gas) and dryers open to atmosphere for a wide range of flow rates up to 40 lpm.

FC-Family Gas Humidifiers

Where applications require a gas stream to be humidified. Perma Pure’s  Nafion™ tubing -based Gas humidifiers are the ideal method using either gas or water to provide the humidification.

  • MH-Series Humidifiers  – Single tube Nafion™ tubing humidifier for flow rates up to 10 l/m using DI water as the humidification source
  • FC-Series Humidifiers – Multiple tube Nafion™ tubing dryer for flow rates up to 10,000 l/m. This product line was developed for fuel cell humidification applications in either gas to gas or water to gas modes.

MiniGASS-2812Nafion™ Tubing -Based Sample Conditioning Systems for CEMS and Process Analysis

erma Pure’s Nafion™ tubing –based Sample Conditioning Systems reduce operating and maintenance costs for CEMS and Process by solving many problems due to the presence of water. Because Nafion™ tubing systems dry to a lower dew point than obtainable with traditional coolers, most problems are eliminated. Another advantage is the ability to remove moisture from the sample stream in the vapor phase, preserving the components to be analyzed – particularly water soluble gases such as SO2 and NOx among others.


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