Generate a Tightly Controlled Stream of Humidified Gas

The HG Series Humidification System is a simple to use, high performance, accurate, and superior alternative to standard humidity control systems. To operate, the system requires only electrical power, clean compressed gas, and de-ionized water. Once connected and powered on, the user inputs the water and enclosure temperatures, desired outlet humidity and flow rate to generate a precise and continuously controlled humidified gas stream.

Product Features:

  • Controls Outlet RH or Dewpoint
  • Controls Outlet Temperature
  • Controls Outlet Flow Rate
  • Small Benchtop Footprint
  • Lightweight Design
  • Easy Simple to use Interface
  • Constant and Continuous Control

Principle of Operation

Nafion™ tubing humidifiers allow water molecules to be transferred due to the difference in the partial pressures of water vapor on opposing sides of the wall. By manipulating the pressure gradient, the transfer of water molecules can be controlled. This method of control is achieved by measuring the humidity of the humidified gas stream and uses the measured value to directly drive the pressure controller. This creates the precise and effortless consistently controlled humidified gas provided by the HG Series system.