Perma Pure Gas Sample Dryers Selection Guide

Perma Pure offers a wide range of Gas Sample Dryers for your demanding applictions. Perma Pure’s MD Series™ and PD Series™ dryers are the ideal choice for drying gas samples prior to analysis. Using our exclusive Nafion™ polymer technology, Perma Pure dryers can reduce the sample dew point to as low as -45°C without any measurable loss of analytes. The exceptional corrosion resistance of Nafion™ tubing allows for the conditioning of harsh samples, even those rich in acids like HF and HCl. A brief review of each product line is shown below. Select your dryer based on your sample gas flow:

MD Series Gas Sample Dryers

The MD (Monotube Dryer) Series is our single Nafion™ tubing dryer. A wide range of lengths, tube diameters and materials is available for flow rates up to 4 lpm.

PD Series Gas Sample Dryers

The PD (Polytube Dryer) Series is our multi-tube dryer with multiple Nafion™ tubing  in parallel to increase flow capacity and efficiency. A wide range of lengths, tube diameters, and materials is available to cover flow rates up to 40lpm.

MD-R Dryer Series

The MD-R (Monotube Dryer, Rotating) Series is nearly identical to the MD Series with the advantage of rotating purge fitting ends, making it easier to install in your equipment. Like the MD, a wide range of lengths and tube diameters is available to cover the sample gas flow rates up to 4 lpm.

MD-H Heated Dryer

The MD-H Heated Dryer Series is a version of the MD Series where the first 24″ of the dryer is heated in order to handle hot and wet sample streams.

Short Video Presentations

Perma Pure has created a series of short video presentations to describe the basic functionality of Nafion™ Tubing and our Gas Sample Dryers. The videos are posted below. View the Nafion™ Tubing video before moving on to the Dryers.

Nafion™ Tubing Basic Functionality

Perma Pure MD and PD Gas Sample Dryers Basic Functionality