Making Analysis Possible with Gas Sample Conditioning Solutions*

Perma Pure is the worldwide leader in providing unique gas sample conditioning solutions. We use Nafion™, along with a broad array of technology and expertise, to help our customers analyze gas stream samples safely and accurately.  Our business is divided into three segments.

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Medical Devices – As an FDA registered Medical Device Manufacturer with ISO 13485 certification, our Medical Breath Dryers are used for Breath Gas Analysis applications and humidification of Oxygen and Nitrogen for ventilator applications. We also specialize in high volume Medical Sample Lines.

Gas Analyzers and Analytical Devices – Our Gas Sample Dryers are used as components in a wide range of Gas Analyzers and Scientific Analysis Equipment. Our Gas Humidifiers are used for Fuel Cell Humidifiers and for Incubators and Test Chambers for environmental control.

Gas Sample Conditioning Systems for Emissions and Process Monitoring –  Our Unique Nafion™-based Gas Sample Conditioning Systems solve many problems measuring SOx and NOx emissions for the CEMS and Process Monitoring markets. We also offer Baldwin Sample Gas Coolers,  Extraction and Dilution Gas Sample Probes and Sample Gas Conditioning Systems.

Perma Pure LLC is a Halma company, and as a result has access to technology, investment, and manufacturing in support of a global business. Nafion™ is a trademark if The Chemours Company FC, LLC used under license by Perma Pure, LLC.