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Nafion™ tubing for dryers meets standards for Dermal Sensitization, Primary Skin Irritation and Cytotoxicity.

Increase Accuracy

Moisture in a gas sample can affect it’s accuracy, but a dryer using Nafion™ tubing can extract the moisture without removing anything else.

Improved Monitoring

By increasing the accuracy and helping protecting the sensors in your equipment, Nafion™ tubing dryers help improve monitoring.

Protect Analyzers

Moisture can be corrosive to the sensors used in measuring a patients breath. Nafion™ tubing can help remove moisture and protect equipment.

Moisture Control

Whether you call it moisture or humidity, dew point or condensation. It can be essential. Often you just need it gone. In designing medical equipment, you need to control moisture. We understand the importance of moisture control at Perma Pure. That’s why for the past 40 years we’ve worked to give you that control.

We are the exclusive manufacturer of Nafion Tubing, a highly selective permeation membrane that is uniquely suited to address medical equipment moisture control. Use it to remove water vapor from breath samples prior to analyses or humidify therapeutic gases like oxygen and nitric oxide. It’s all about control.

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Nafion Polymer

Perma Pure’s products are powered by Nafion Polymer, a Brand of The Chemours company. It selectively transfers moisture across its membrane and can remove up to 90% moisture from a wet gas stream. Or add water vapor into a dry gas stream.

Did you know that Nafion Tubing can prevent external water-borne bacteria from contaminating the gas stream inside the tube? Learn more about the magic of Nafion Polymer.

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Expert Capabilities

We have developed a team of experts to help you solve your humidity challenges. Our engineers despise uncontrolled condensation and take extreme precaution to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. Our full fledged Production and Quality department have all necessary checks and balances in place to manufacture products for medical applications.

Learn more about Perma Pure’s ability to develop products for the medical industry.

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