Nafion™ Tubing removes water by a First Order Kinetic reaction, so equilibrium is reached very quickly (typically with in milliseconds).

  • Nafion™ polymer permeation selectivity is based on chemical reactivity, not by the size of the molecule – it is not traditional permeation.
  • Only compounds that chemically associate with sulfonic acid permeate through Nafion™ tubing. Since this is a specific chemical reaction with water, the process is very selective and molecules in solution with water do not transfer through the membrane walls.
  • Nafion™ polymer is a copolymer of Teflon and Sulfonic acid and is highly resistant to chemical attack
  • The transfer of moisture is driven by the differential water vapor pressure between the membrane walls.

Discover the performance of Nafion™ Tubing based on different diameter sizes and lengths. For the medical market 050,060,070,110. Referred to by Internal Diameter(ID).

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