Let Us Help You Humidify Your Oxygen Therapy

Perma Pure can supply medical components using Nafion™ tubing’s moisture transfer properties for purposes of humidification based on your design and requirements.

Challenges in Humidification

We’ve all experienced the discomfort of breathing dry air. That’s because the human lung is typically 37°C with 100% relative humidity. So, it’s no surprise that delivering oxygen or therapeutic gases to patients at or near those conditions is clinically beneficial. Moreover, humidification of therapy gases is important to keep our mucosal membrane moist and healthy.

High Flow Nasal Cannula therapy is increasingly receiving a lot of attention since doctors and researchers believe that it provides additional benefits compared with both invasive ventilation and non-invasive ventilation. Moreover, it could also increase patient comfort and therefore compliance.


Get The Perma Pure Nafion™ Tubing Humidifying Advantage

For any of these applications, Perma Pure can help! Our Nafion™ tubing’s moisture transfer properties can be utilized to achieve humidification based on your design and requirements.

Regulatory bodies constantly update standards to ensure the highest level of care is delivered to patients. Our Engineering team is well versed in these standards, including the latest ISO 80601-2-74 released in 2017. We can support design of products to meet this requirement and even high expertise in humidification requirements for high flow rates and low pressure drops.

Whether you need an answer to a technical question, or the services of our engineering staff for a new design, Perma Pure stands by ready to help.

Perma Pure shall supply Nafion™ tubing for incorporation in your finished medical device.