We Help People Around the World Breathe Easier and Be Healthier

Perma Pure LLC works with medical device manufacturers to deliver life saving equipment. Our exclusive technology will provide precise moisture control for your devices. Whether you are a market leader, a growing, mid-sized player looking to expand, or just beginning development in the space, we will provide high customization and personal attention to you. Our Nafion™ Tubing helps enable accurate analysis for patients who may have a variety of respiratory or pulmonary diseases. Our solution is applied across multiple applications including capnography and patient monitoring, anesthesia monitoring, pulmonary function testing and inhaled gas therapy. You will find that we are the right partner for your business if you are working on leading edge technology in medical devices and need the support of an established company with core expertise in moisture control.

By partnering with us, together, we can help people everywhere breathe easier and be healthier.