Below are just a few of the connectors we offer on our Nafion™ tubing products.

TT: Thermoplastic Tube with Stainless Steel Coupling (Specify Length of Tube)
BT: Thermoplastic Tube with Nylon Barb Coupling (Specify Length of Tube)
BB: Nylon Barb Fitting
MB: 1/16″ Molded Barb Fitting
ST: Stainless Steel Tube in Molded Polypropylene Header (Specify Length of Tube)
ML: Molded Male Locking Luer Fitting
BML: Male Locking Luer with Push-in Barb Attached with Heat Shrink
FL: Molded Female Luer Fitting
BFL: Female Locking Luer with Push-in Barb Attached with Heat Shrink
MS: Molded Male Slip Luer Fitting

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