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From breath drying to humidifying oxygen, Perma Pure is the partner you need to help overcome your moisture management challenges.


Perma Pure’s Dryers are used widely in both critical care and diagnostics. Our Dryers are designed to protect your medical equipment by removing moisture to prevent condensation. Each application may have a problem that is unique, which is why our Engineering team will work closely with you to solve your drying challenges. 

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Active humidification of medical gases has largely been achieved through bubbling or pass over humidification for a long time. These techniques have limitations that need to be dealt with meticulously.

We are working rigorously to provide the medical industry with a new, radical solution to humidify medical gases and eliminate the problems seen in conventional methodologies of humidification.

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While Perma Pure’s ME series moisture exchange Nafion™ tubing has 510(k) approval for drying, we do not have FDA approval to sell a humidification device with Perma Pure labeling.