Dry, humidify, or condition a gas for your application.

Perma Pure solutions dry, humidify, and condition gases to improve accuracy of measurement and reduce gas analyzer maintenance in applications like ambient air monitoring, continuous emissions monitoring, particle analysis, and laboratory analysis. We also support processes such as gas generation and fuel cell humidification.

Nafion Tubing

Many of our solutions are powered by Nafion™ tubing—it selectively transfers water vapor across its membrane and can remove up to 90% of water vapor from a wet gas stream or add water vapor into dry gas stream. While transferring water vapor, it also maintains analytes in the gas sample or stream.

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Custom Solutions

We’ll use our customer-centric culture, in-house machine shop and decades of design-for-application experience to deliver customizations that ensure best performance for your application.

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Examples of applications we support

FTIR Analysis

NDIR Analysis

Elemental Analysis

Combustion Analysis

Gas Chromatography

Ambient Air Monitoring

SOx and NOx Monitoring

Particle Analysis

Aerosol Analysis

Total Organic Carbon

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Stack Testing

Fenceline Monitoring

Mercury Analysis

Vehicle Emissions Monitoring

Petroleum Analysis

Hydrogen Gas Generation

Nitrogen Gas Generation

Fuel Cell Humidification

Threat Detection