Baldwin Cooler Solutions

Coolers dry a gas sample by chilling the sample to condense-out the water. Today, coolers are used to condition gas samples in over 90% of CEMS installations—they are a widely proven technology. Our Baldwin Coolers are the industry standard for reliability and have been further improved by digital control. For an integrated sample conditioning solution, see our Baldwin Sample Conditioning Systems.

The industry standard for quality and reliability.

Dries to dew points as low as + 4 °C

Input Gas:
– Flow rates up to 20 lpm
– Up to 50 % water by volume

Assembled and tested as a complete sample conditioning system.

Dries to dew points as low as + 4 °C

Input Gas:
– Flow rates up to 20 lpm
– Up to 50% water by volume

This is a complete system – containing: a peristaltic pump, a sample pump, in-line filters, and flow meters.

Combines Nafion™ based drying technology with the functionality of a traditional thermoelectric cooler.

Dries to dew points lower than 0 °C

Input Gas:
– Flow rates up to 5 lpm
– Up to 40% water by volume

The patented mechanical design is ideal for locations that have limited or no access to power or other areas where a nonelectric product may be desirable.

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