Process Monitoring Sample Conditioning Product Selection Guide

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Boiler / O2 Monitoring

Perma Pure recommends the Micro-GASS

Perma Pure recommends the MicroGASS for process monitoring off boilers where it is important to keep the O2 at a certain level or it is important for some chemical reactions to keep it out entirely. The sample needs to be dried to work with paramagnetic oxygen analyzers. The MicroGASS is an ideal choice to dry the gas sample. The unit includes a Nafion™ tubing based drier, sample pump and a flow gauge suited to the analyzer application, which typically requires flow rates of 0.5-1.5 lpm. Link to MicroGASS Information.

Pulp & Paper

Perma Pure recommends the GASS 2040

Perma Pure recommends the GASS 2040 when the EPA requires that pulp and paper mills monitor their TRS (Total Reduced Sulfur) emissions. The GASS2040 is recommended due to its ability to handle gas samples with high quantities of SO2 (sulfur) and/or NOx and condition gas samples with low quantities of sulfur without losses. Unlike standard gas coolers, the GASS 2040 removes water in the vapor phase, preserving the S02 and NOx content and increasing the accuracy of your analyzer’s results. Link to GASS 2040 Sampling System Information.

Coal Crushers

Perma Pure recommends the ACES

Coal Crushers – Perma Pure recommends the ACES for applications looking for CO at ambient temperatures with analyzers using NDIR technology. Since water occupies the same place on the IR scale, the water needs to be reduced enough to make the CO measurements accurate. The ACES is recommended, as the sample is does not need to be heated, the unit requires no power, and only instrument air is used to purge the sample gas. Link to ACES Information.

Cement Kilns

Perma Pure recommends the Baldwin Digital Cooler

Perma Pure recommends the Baldwin Digital Cooler for this application, where permitted levels of emissions are typically above 500 ppm. Most of the processes require monitoring of CO or CO2. Because measurements are not as critical a standard cooler is acceptable. Link to Baldwin Digital Cooler Information.