Perma Pure’s High Capacity Humidifier for Humidity Exchangers, Scientific and Industrial Applications, Water to Gas or Gas to Gas Operation

Perma Pure’s FC-Series Humidity Exchangers offer unparalleled performance, reliability and lifetime up to 20,000 hours.  These Nafion™ tubing -based products provide consistent, repeatable humidification of air and hydrogen across the specified flow range, for portable, stationary, automotive and aerospace applications. Perma Pure Humidity Exchangers feature a low pressure drop and do not require power to operate, greatly reducing the parasitic load on your system. They are also used in a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. Benefits of the FC include:

  • Very high efficiency
  • No power consumption
  • No freeze/thaw issues
  • Self-limiting humidification
  • Compact and robust
  • Gas to Gas or Water to Gas humidification
  • Suitable for use with H2

Intelligent Product Numbering System
Perma Pure offers the FC-Series Humidity Exchangers in a wide range of sizes with variety of lengths, materials and port configurations. Choose the size based on your flow rate and pressure requirement and build your FC Humidity Exchangers according to the selection guide and the part number table below:

1 – Series and Number of Tubes
FC100-80 Series FC100-80
FC125-240 Series FC125-240
FC150-480 Series FC150-480
FC200-780 Series FC200-780
FC300-1660 Series FC300-1660
FC400-2500 Series FC400-2500
FC600-7000 Series FC600-7000
3 – Humidifier Active Length
5″ (12 cm) (FC125 Only) 5
6″ (15 cm) (FC100 Only) 6
7″ (18 cm) 7
10″ (25 cm) 10
15″ (38 cm) 15
4 – Housing / Shell Material
Kynar / Kynar (FC100 only) MKK
Kynar / Stainless (FC100 only) MKS
Stainless / Stainless (FC100 only) MSS
Molded Noryl (FC300 and FC400) LP
Molded Polypropylene (FC125 and FC200) MP
Machined Polypropylene (FC150 and FC 600) PP
 High Pressure PPO (10″ FC300 and FC 400 only) HP
5 – Port Configuration
Ports on opposite sides of shell
Ports on same side of shell (in line) 02
Ports rotated 90° clockwise 03
Ports rotated 90° counter-clockwise 04

FC Series Humidity Exchangers Selection Guide

  • FC100 Series – Compact humidifier for portable systems up to 500W. Weighs less than 100 grams. Gas flows to 16 alpm
  • FC125 Series – Built using low-cost molded parts. The FC125-Series humidifiers are an ideal choice for systems up to 1kW. Gas flows to 75 alpm (gas/gas) and 150 alpm (water/gas)
  • FC200 Series – Ideal for systems up to 3kW, the FC200-Series is a rugged, compact humidifier for mobile and stationary applications alike. Gas flows to 300 alpm (gas/gas) and 450 alpm (water/gas)
  • FC300 Series – Our standard humidifier for gas-to-gas humidification in 5kW systems. Gas flows to 625 alpm (gas/gas) and 2,000 alpm (water/gas)
  • FC400 Series – The FC400-Series is designed to provide ideal humidification for 7-12KW systems. The high pressure model is now being evaluated for use in passenger cars. Gas flows to 1,000 alpm (gas/gas) and 7,000 alpm (water/gas)
  • FC600 Series – The FC600-Series is suitable for gas-to-gas humidification for systems up to 50kW. When operated water-to-gas, this humidifier is a great choice to replace a bubbler in large test stands (80-100 kW). Gas flows to 2,500 alpm (gas/gas) and 7,000 alpm (water/gas)

Specifications and Dimensions

Series # of Nafion™ Tubing Ports3 Max. Operating Pressure Max. Differential Pressure Gas-to-Gas1 Water-to-Gas2
Flow Rate Recommendation
FC100 80 1/4″ FNPT 172 kPa/25 PSIG 35 kPa / 5 psi 4-16 alpm < 75 slpm
FC125 240 1/2″ FNPT 172 kPa/25 PSIG 35 kPa / 5 psi 15-75 alpm < 150 slpm
FC150 480 3/4″ FNPT 172 kPa/25 PSIG 35 kPa / 5 psi 35-150 alpm 200-300 slpm
FC200 780 1″ FNPT 207 kPa/ 30 PSIG 35 kPa / 5 psi 50-300 alpm 300-450 slpm
FC300 1660 1-1/2″ FNPT 69 kPa/10 PSIG (10″)
69 kPa/10 PSIG (7″ & 15″)
35 kPa / 5 psi 120-625 alpm 450-2000 slpm
FC300HP 1660 1-1/2″ FNPT 310 kPa/45 PSIG 35 kPa / 5 psi 120-625 alpm 450-2000 slpm
FC400 2500 2″ FNPT 69 kPa/10 PSIG 35 kPa / 5 psi 200-1000 alpm 1000-7000 slpm
FC400 HP 2500 2″ FNPT 310 kPa/45 PSIG 35 kPa / 5 psi 200-1000 alpm 1000-7000 slpm
FC600 7000 2″ FNPT 35 kPa/5 PSIG 35 kPa / 5 psi 500-2500 alpm 1500 + slpm

1 Flow rate recommendations based upon an approach temperature between 4-6 degrees. The optimal dry air inlet temperature range is between 35 and 55°C.
2 Water-to-gas flow rate is based upon a 80-85%RH. See actual performance curves for specific flow rates. Note that the gas pressure must be higher than the water pressure.
3 When ordering, specify port orientation as same side or 180 degree

Short Video Presentations

Perma Pure has created a series of short video presentations to describe the basic functionality of Nafion™ Tubing and our Gas Humidifiers. The videos are posted below. View the Nafion™ Tubing video before moving on to the Humidifiers.

Nafion™ Tubing Basic Functionality

Perma Pure Humidifiers Basic Functionality