Baldwin’s™ New Digital Sample Gas Conditioning Systems

Pre-assembled and Tested to Ensure Immediate, Reliable Performance – for Wall or Rack Mounting
The Baldwin-Series Sample Gas Conditioning Systems are pre-assembled and tested to ensure immediate, reliable performance. All components are mounted and plumbed, system tested and checked for leaks, and ready to mount on a wall or in a rack.
Engineered for Performance

  • Drain pump – Steel housing and all metal gear box ensure lasting performance
  • Tubing -Heavy-duty, thick wall does not “set”, significantly reducing replacement costs
  • Sample pump – Invert disk valve does not corrode, providing reliable performance
  • Sample filter – High purity, 2 micron ceramic element does not absorb NO2

Components Include:

  • Baldwin-Series Thermo-Electric Cooler
  • Water slip sensor(s)
  • Peristaltic pump(s)
  • Sample pump(s)
  • In-line sample filter(s) with easy access exchangeable cartridge(s)
  • Sample flow meter(s)

Baldwin Sample Gas Conditioning Systems Quick Guide

Click on the system model number below for more details on that system.

Thermo-Electric Coolers Water Slip Sensor Peristaltic Drain Pump(s) Sample Pump(s) In-line Sample Filter(s) Sample Flowmeters
Model 4S-9A M115 1 Single Head Single Head 1 1
Model 4S-9PA M325
1 Dual Head Single Head 1 1
Model 4S-9AA
1 Dual Head Single Head 1 1
Model 4S-AA
2 Dual Head Dual Head 2 2
Model 4S-PAPA
Split Stream
20410 1 (2) Dual Head Dual Head 1 1
Model 4S-PAPA
Dual Stream
20410 2 (2) Dual Head Dual Head 2 2
Model -5 10410 Optional
w/relay board
Triple Head Dual Head
1 1

Model Comparison
* Series connector only
** Dual stream only