CEMS Sample Conditioning System for Gas Fired Plants

Combustion and process gas samples are typically wet, dirty, and hot, while analysers need samples to be dry, clean, and cool. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the India market, the new GM-1024 Indi-GASS Sample Conditioning Module from Perma Pure produces an ideal dry, clean, and cool sample by continuously removing water and particulates from the sample stream, without altering the concentrations of typical analyte gases (including CO, CO2, HCl, NOX, O2, SO2, and VOC).
The Indi-GASS brings maximum performance in a compact module to systems integrators and OEM manufacturers of gas analysis systems. Inputs to the system are the gas sample, compressed air, and electrical power and the output is a dry, clean, and cool sample ready for analysis. Electronics and controls have been kept to a minimum to provide the necessary functionality at an affordable price point.
The device uses patented Nafion™ polymer membrane technology to remove water in the vapour phase, allowing users to achieve far lower dew points while quantitatively preserving analyte levels. Drying is a continuous, self-regenerating process and no routine maintenance is required. By contrast, chiller/condensers remove moisture from the sample stream by condensing it into a liquid, a technique that results in the loss of water-soluble analytes like SO2 and HCl. This loss ultimately results in less accurate analyser measurements, a problem that is eliminated by the use of the Indi-GASS.
The Indi-GASS can be configured to condition sample streams with flow rates up to 5 litres per minute and water content up to 40 percent. The integrated filter removes particulates, while the Nafion™ tubing dryer reduces the sample dew point to as low as -15 °C. This happens without the loss of key analytes, allowing the user to make more accurate measurements than ever before.

Indi-GASS System Spare Parts

IndiGASS ITEM Description
FF-250-E-2.5G 2″ Teflon & glass replacement element only
FF-250-3  Replacement o-ring set, set of 3