The Baldwin Range of Gas Sample Probes for Extraction and Dilution

Baldwin offers a range of Gas Sample Probes and Sample Gas Dilution and Extraction Probes for industrial emissions monitoring and process control applications. Industrial companies that monitor gas emissions for environmental regulation or process control can choose from three lines of advanced Gas Sample Probes:

General Purpose Sample Probes for Type 4, 4x

The range of General Purpose Direct Extraction Gas Sample Probes features an advanced design to extract sample gas and remove particulate while preventing condensation prior to the gas sample entering the heated sample line and are rated Type 4, 4x

Model 45 Dilution Probe

The Model 45 Gas Sample Dilution Probe line targets general purpose applications with the ability to dilute the sample gas 10 to 250 times with dry air, reducing the water vapor content and eliminating high-cost heated lines.