Gas Detection Systems Sample Conditioning Product Selection Guide

Please look at product below that Perma Pure recommends for the application, with details listed below.

Toxic Gas Detection Sytems
(H2S, HCN, HCl, HF, CL2CO and Many Other Chemicals)

Low Flow / No Heating Required (Most Applications)

Sample Heating Required

selector-aces selector-microgass

Gas Detection / Toxic Gas Point Monitors – Perma Pure recommends the MicroGASS and ACES  products  for Gas Detection System applications.  Typical gases being monitored are H2S, HCN, HCL, HF and Cl2CO among many others. Problems occur when the sample gas is extracted from a wet, warm area and brought into a climate controlled area for analysis. The ACES system incorporates a Perma Pure Nafion™ tubing membrane dryer, disposable 0.1 micron pre-filter and eductor to supply a clean sample to an electrochemical sensor. The dryer is sized to supply a 20-80% RH sample from ambient air at a flowrate up to 2 L/min.  The product will remove mositure to a level required for the sensor to handle without the need for instrument air or water traps in the sample line. The Microgass is required where the sample is hot and wet – the MicroGASS includes a heated dryer internal to the device and heated sample lines from the source. Link to MicroGass and ACES Sampling Systems Information.