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All About Nafion™ Polymer

Learn more about Nafion™ Polymer chemical composition and permeability

Purge Gas Configurations

The different purge gas set-ups that can be used with Perma Pure Products

Pros and Cons of Top Gas Drying Methods for Gas Analyzers

Describes and compares different drying methods for gas analysis


Introduction to Perma Pure Humidifiers

Provides an introduction to Perma Pure humidifiers, sizing for applications, and typical applications

MD-700 Dryer – Particle Analysis

An overview of how the MD-700 dryer works and why it is optimal for particle analysis applications

Nafion™-based Sample Conditioning System Benefits

Discusses the benefits of Perma Pure’s NafionTM-based sample conditioning systems for CEMS applications, how they work, and cost savings over traditional cooler-based systems


Nafion™ Tubing Basics

Brief overview of Nafion™ tubing and it’s moisture tranfer mechanism

Intro to MD-Series and PD-Series Gas Dryers

Quick explanation of how MD and PD-series gas dryers work

AS Series Ammonia Scrubber Media Replacement

How to replace ammonia scrubber media


Nafion™ Polymer Selectivity Calculator

Determine Nafion™ Polymers permeability to different chemicals

Sulfuric Acid Dew Point Calculator

Calculate the dew point of a gas, accounting for the acid concentration. CEMS applications.

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