Refinery Sample Conditioning Product Selection Guide

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Low PPM CEMS – (NOx, Sox) or Process (CO2, H2S)

Perma Pure recommends the GASS 2040

Refineries subject to low permitted levels of Sox and NOX require the GASS-2040, which is the only product that can remove moisture from the sample gas stream without affecting the SO2 or NOx content. With the GASS 2040, you are able to get accurate results at low ppm levels. Link to GASS 2040 Sampling System Information.
For process, measuring CO2 or H2S also requires low ppm measurements with high accuracy. For CO2 applications, the GASS 2040 is more effective at removing moisture than standard coolers, able to reach a dew point of – 15 C. Link to GASS 2040 Sampling System Information.

Standard CEMS Applications

Perma Pure recommends the Baldwin Digital Cooler

With permitted levels of 500 PPM or greater of NOx, CO, CO2 Sox or O2, the Baldwin Digital Cooler is the reliable choice. Link to Baldwin Digital Cooler Information.

Improve Reliability of Cooler-Based CEMS
with the SDS Supplemental Dryer / Low Dewpoint Polisher

SDS Nafion™ Tubing Supplemental Drying System – Where Thermoelectric coolers are hard-specified or already installed in the application, Perma Pure recommends the SDS Nafion™ Tubing Drying System to lower the dew point of the sample once it leaves the cooler. Meant to be used in conjunction with an existing gas cooler based conditioning system, the Nafion™ tubing -based SDS (Supplemental Drying System) is available to further reduce the acid dew point of the sample gas. The SDS can reach a dew point of – 15 C, in many cases eliminating the acid mist problem common to CEMS applications using standard gas coolers or chillers. Link to SDS Nafion™ tubing Supplemental Drying System.