Complete Sample Conditioning System Packaged in a Portable Enclosure

Baldwin’s Portable Sample Conditioning Systems are complete, lightweight, integrated stack gas sample conditioner packaged in a convenient yet rugged enclosure with carrying handle. All models include a Baldwin Thermo-Electric Cooler, sample pump, peristaltic drain pump, and flowmeter. Testers’ Choice models include in-line sample filter with 2-micron ceramic element and water slip senor.

Model Comparison

Model MP5400 Mini Model M5210A
Model M5210B
Model M8210B
Thermo-Electric Cooler eCOOL 5400 M5210 M8210
Standard Sample
Gas Flow Rate
1-4 LPM
2.1-8.6 SCFH
4-6 LPM
8.6-12.6 SCFH
6-8 LPM
12.6-16.8 SCFH
Sample Pump Mini Single Head Single Head – A
Dual Head – B
Dual Head B
Peristaltic Drain Pump Mini Dual Head Dual Head Dual Head
In-line Sample Filter N/A 2-micron Ceramic 2-micron Ceramic
Water Slip Sensor Optional
Standard Standard
Dimensions 10.5×9.5×17.5 in. HWD
27x24x44 cm
22x15x12.5 in. HWD
56x38x32 cm
22x15x12.5 in. HWD
56x38x32 cm
Weight 27 lbs
12 kg
53 lbs
24 kg
55 lbs
25 kg