Optimized for Portable Optical and Electrochemical Analyzers Under High Humidity and Low S02 Flue Gas

The GASS™-35 gas conditioning system has been designed to meet the needs of regulators and stack gas test agencies for ultra-low CEMS verification and inspection. It utilizes the unique properties of Nafion™ polymer to remove moisture from the sample gas, enabling accurate analysis of low SO2 in high humidity samples without requiring purge gas.  The sample gas flowrate can reach 2.0 LPM and dew point after conditioning can be lower than 0°C, which prevents the dissolving loss of low-concentration SO2 during condensation and dehydration.  This level of performance ensures measurement stability and accuracy with portable analyzers, including popular infrared and electrochemical models.
The GASS™-35 system is light-weight and strong with a net weight of 11.5 kg, making it easy to use in portable applications.  This system can be stably operated at ambient temperature ranges of -10°C to 50°C.
GASS™-35 Portable Conditioning System Key Features

  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Simple Setup & Operation
  • Compatible with Popular Analyzers