High Temperature & Humidity Gas Sampling System Specifically Designed for Electrochemical Sensors

The Micro-GASS™ systems prepare gas samples for analysis by electro-chemical sensor (ECS) analyzers when the sample is hot and wet. These sensors are a very reliable means of detecting the presence of toxic or explosive compounds in a gas stream but in moisture-saturated samples, sensor life is greatly reduced due to condensation within the cell and subsequent leakage of electrolyte. ECS can also be used with corrosive samples like stack gases, but also suffer reliability problems when the sample humidity is too wet. The Micro-GASS system reduces sample humidity to the ideal range for ECS, typically 30 to 70% R.H., while also removing any dust or dirt particles present.
Micro-GASS units offers full corrosion resistance and very high selectivity, so complex samples can be processed without loss of analyte gases. Nafion™ tubing dryer technology is the driving force behind this system. Operating as a self-contained unit, the Micro-GASS incorporates a built-in sample pump to draw the sample gas through a 0.1µ filter then into a MD-Series™ Nafion™ tubing gas dryer where water vapor is absorbed into and through the membrane walls. The dried sample then flows to the sensor where the measurement is made. After exhausting from the ECS, the gas passes through a needle valve and expands, causing a reduction in vapor pressure. It then re-enters the dryer to be used as a purge gas. Because the purge gas is generated from the exhaust stream of the sensor, it makes the Micro-GASS a self-regenerating and transportable conditioning system, relying only on a power source.
Typical applications for the Micro-GASS sample conditioning system include monitoring of boiler and burner efficiencies.

MicroGASS Specifications and Ordering Information

  • Ordering Part Number: UG-1212-F1 – Make sure to specify voltage of 120 or 240 VAC.
  • 12″w x 12″h x 7″d fiberglass enclosure w/transparent cover
  • Teflon™ sample tubing and Kynar™ fittings, 1/4″ compression inlet
  • Heat-shrinkable conduit for heated sample line
  • Teflon-coated vacuum pump for sample & purge
  • Panel-mounted sample gas flowmeter & digital temperature controller
  • Low temperature safety interlock issues alarm & shuts off sample
  • Nafion™ tubing gas dryer, model MD-070-24F-4, heated
  • Corrosion-resistant Kynar filter body w/filter element of borosilicate glass fiber in Teflon binder, 1 µm absolute porosity, model UM-F.
  • NEMA-4X rated

MicroGASS Spare Parts

ITEM # Description
MD-070-24E-F Nafion™ tubing  dryer, 0.070″ O.D., 24″ length, replacement element only
UG-DA-070-24F Dryer assembly (incl. dryer, heater, insulation, thermocouple, connectors)
UG-F Micro-GASS filter assemblynafio
UG-FE Micro-GASS filter element (package of 5 elements)
UG-1212-PUMP Vacuum pump for sample and purge, Teflon-coated (specify voltage)
UG-FM Flow meter, sample gas (0-1.5 L/min)