Hybrid Sample Gas Cooler

Patent #: US 11,067,483

The Baldwin Hybrid Sample Gas Cooler combines the superior performance of Perma Pure’s Nafion™ based drying technology with the functionality of a traditional thermoelectric cooler. Powered by compressed air, this non-electric cooler achieves dew points lower than 0˚C helping to prevent problems associated with condensation. The patented mechanical design is ideal for locations that have limited or no access to power or other areas where a nonelectric product may be desirable.

Key Benefits

Non-electric mechanical design:

  • Reduces the costs associated with electrical installation and permits*
  • Simplifies maintenance
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Increases reliability resulting in decreased downtime

Achieves dew points lower than 0˚C

  • Reduces the risk of damage to the analyzer
  • Decreases spectral interference

Operates with greater efficiency than comparable non-electric coolers**


Other Features

  • Perma Pure™ PD Sample Dryer effectively removes water in the vapor phase with no further loss of analytes, increasing analytical accuracy***
  • High ambient temperature operating range 4 – 55˚C (39 F – 131˚F)
  • Chemically resistant wetted parts
  • Includes coalescing filter to remove particulates and acid mists
  • Can be stack mounted, eliminating the need for heated lines****
  • Can be mounted outside, freeing up space in over-crowded analyzer sheds****
  • Four different models available for various applications and sample pump configurations.


Full Operating Environment:

Typical Operating Environment:


System Mount  Wall Mount – Vertically 
Enclosure Nominal Dimensions (H x W x D)  24″ x 10″ x 5″ 

600 mm x 250 mm x 120 mm 

Enclosure Rating  NEMA 4, 4X/ CUL & UL Listed/ File #E65324 IP65 Rated 
Sample Gas Tubing Connection  1/4” Tube Compression Fitting 
Umbilical Seal Line  Heat shrink style, 5” length, 2” minimum expanded I.D. Nose 
Weight  20.1 Lbs (9.1 Kg) 
Utility Requirement 
Instrument Air  3.5 SCFM (100 SLPM) @ 4 Bar (60 PSIG) 
Drain/Exhaust Requirement  .25scfm/7slpm Air with entrained 

sample condensate 

Operational Temperature Range  4 – 55 ˚C 
System Enclosure  Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester 
Insulation  Rubber Foam (Buna-N) 
O-Ring Seals  Viton® 
Filter Housing  Kynar® (PVDF)/Glass 
Sample Filter  Glass Fiber, .1um, 95% efficiency, coalescing 
Sample Gas Path, Fittings and Tubes  PVDF®/FEP Teflon™ 
Sample Gas 
Max Pressure  2 BAR (30 PSI) 
Max Humidity  75˚C Dew Point 
Max Flow  3.5 LPM @ 50˚C 

5 LPM @ 20˚C 

Maximum Inlet Temperature  138˚C (280˚F) 
Maximum Inlet Water Concentration  40% 

Models Available

Model  Sample Gas Pressure  Filter Drain Mechanism1  Bypass Port2  Drain Float Valve3 
PCD-3000-W  Negative  A  No  No 
PCD-3000-W-DP  Negative  B  No  No 
PCD-3000-PR  Positive  C  Yes  No 
PCD-3000-PR-CD  Positive  D  Yes  Yes 

1. Filter Drain Mechanism:

A. Filter Drain Eductor compresses incoming air creating a vacuum needed to drain condensate from the filter

B. Includes a bulkhead fitting to accommodate an external drain pump (not included)

C. Liquids collected at the bottom of the filter bowl are pushed out of the filter by the sample gas pressure via the metering tube and out of the bottom drain bulkhead fitting

D. Liquids collected at the bottom of the filter bowl are pushed out of the filter by the sample
gas pressure and into the float operated drain valve. The drain valve prevents sample gas from escaping into the drain line.

2. Bypass port can be used to lower lag times for applications where a faster response time may be desirable

3. Float operated drain valve prevents sample gas from entering drain line

*Grounding Lug is necessary for installation
**Compared to a vortex cooler removing 40% water by volume at sample flow rate between 3 and 4 LPM
*** There may be some initial loss of water-soluble analytes through the coalescing filter
**** Ambient temperature must be above 4˚C (39˚ F)