The Baldwin Range of Gas Sample Coolers

Baldwin offers a range of Gas Sample Coolers and Sample Gas Chillers for industrial emissions monitoring and process control applications. Industrial companies that monitor gas emissions for environmental regulation or process control can choose from four lines of advanced Gas Sample Coolers:

  • The New Digital Sample Gas Cooler target most applications with a combination unparalleled reliability and performance.
  • The eCool Gas Sample Cooler line combines CSA approved Hazardous Area certification with Modbus, Internet, or Local Area Network connectivity for greater visibility and control of gas monitoring systems in remote areas.
  • The 10410 SO3 “Super Cooler” is designed specifically for applications with a high Sulfur content and is designed to minimize SO3.
  • Our new iCool OEM Gas Sample Cooler was developed for OEMS and Integrators as a cost effective option for their completed sample conditioning systems.

Digital Gas Coolers
General Purpose

eCool Gas Coolers
XP CSA Division 2

Gas Coolers for SO3
Cools to Low Dew Points

iCool OEM Coolers
For Your Cabinets

Baldwin Sample Gas Coolers Product Selection GuideBaldwin-full-selection


Digital Sample Gas Coolers
General Purpose
Select Cooler by Flow Rate

  • M115D – 1 lpm
  • M325D – 3 lpm
  • M425D – 4 lpm
  • 5210D – 3-8 lpm
  • 8210D – 4-10 lpm
  • 20410D – 10-20 lpm

eCool Gas Sample Coolers
CSA Class 1, Div. 2 Hazardous Area
Select Cooler by Flow Rate

  • eCool 5500XP – 4-7 lpm
  • eCool 5800XP – 7-10 lpm
  • eCool 5900XP – 10-20 lpm