MiniGASS Gas Sampling Systems for CEMS

Perma Pure’s Mini-GASS™ systems prepare hot gas sample streams for high performance CEMS gas analysis, removing remove particles, acid mists, and water vapor from a gas stream without the loss of analytes. Many gas analyzers suffer performance degradation and maintenance problems due to clogging and corrosion when water or water vapor reaches the equipment. Mini-GASS systems remove water to well below the condensation point, typically providing dew points as low as -25C. Mini-GASS units offer several options and configurations, including mounting directly on the stack so very little heated line is used. For explosive environments, a Class I, Division II version is available. An automatic drain installed on the filter will remove acid mists. A sample pump can be incorporated to make a completely self-contained system. Mini-GASS systems are ideal for process and continuous emissions monitoring (CEMS) applications. They are designed to process highly corrosive and difficult samples including gas streams containing high levels of HCl, HF, NOx or SOx.