Stay in Control of Your Sample and Calibration Gases

Perma Pure Baldwin™-Series Flow Control Drawers provides an easy and compact solution for the control of sample and calibration gases. The Model 3300 is a 19″ rack mountable integrated gas flow control system for monitoring and controlling gases. Key features:

  • Manual or PLC control
  • Up to 6 gas analyzer channels
  • Up to 8 calibration gas channels
  • Multiple flow meters
  • Pump vacuum gauge
  • Cal gas regulator

Principle of Operation
Sample gas is extracted from the process through a filter probe and conditioning system to remove particulate and moisture. The conditioning system supplies a clean, dry sample to the back panel of the Model 3300 Flow Control Drawer. The stack probe filter and sample pump performance are indicated by the flow control drawer vacuum/pressure gauges.

Baldwin Model 3300 Specifications

Model Number 4D-3300 4D-3300P
Enclosure 5U *8.75″), 19″ rack mount, 18″ deep; 24 lbs
Input cal-gas channels Sample 5-15 psig
Vacuum 0-30″ Hg
Calibration 5-35 psig
Output gas channel 0 – 2.5 lpm
Blowback Specify 12 VDC, line voltage or dry contacts
Electrical requirements 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 100W
Pressure transmitters n/a Sample, Cal gas, vacuum

Baldwin Model 3300 Intelligent Product Numbering System


Base Series
3300 4D-3300
3300P with Pressure Transmitters 4D-3300P
1 – Option
Not required 0
2 – Additional Gas Output Channels
1 Additional Gas Output Channel 1
2 Additional Gas Output Channels 2
3 Additional Gas Output Channels 3
4 Additional Gas Output Channels 4
3 – Blowback valve relay; line voltage standard
12 VDC V1
Dry Contacts V2
4 – Additional Gas Input Channels
1 Additional Gas Input Channel 1
2 Additional Gas Input Channels 2
3 Additional Gas Input Channels 3
4 Additional Gas Input Channels 4
5 Additional Gas Input Channels 5
6 Additional Gas Input Channels 6

Baldwin Model 3300 Flow Drawer Spare Parts

ITEM # Description
2FTS-021 Cal-Gas connector
3DCB-006 Circuit board: switch board, FCD
2FIV-003 Flow meter: 0.1 – 10 LPM w/valve
2FIN-002 Flow meter: 0.1 – 10 LPM no valve
2FIV-005 Flow meter: 0.2 – 2.5 LPM w/valve
1PSD-032 Power supply: 100W, 12VDC
2GAP-006 Pressure gauge: 2-1/2″ dia. Face
2RPF-005 Pressure regulator: 0 – 30 psig, aluminum
2VSB-001 2-way solenoid valve, 12 VDC
2VSB-002 3-way solenoid valve, 12 VDC