Reliably Add Humidity to Calibration Gases Used in CEMS, Gas Detection and Scientific Applications

Humidifying calibration gas has been shown to improve detector accuracy and reduce false alarms. Perma Pure’s Nafion™ tubing -based BE Series has been specifically designed to achieve these results. This highly-selective permeation tubing extracts moisture from the surrounding ambient environment to humidify the calibration gas to the required level for laboratory and scientific applications. The continuous moisture transfer properties of the BE series provides long-term performance and minimizes service costs. The Company’s new BE series is available in a range of lengths supporting the most common flow requirements. The BE series can also be used as a gas dryer to dehumidify wet gas streams to near ambient level humidity.
Perma Pure BE Series Key Facts and Highlights:

  • Simple installation, only requiring the BE series product to be placed in line and exposed to surrounding atmosphere
  • Consistent performance over time through continuous regeneration
  • Long service life by maintaining performance through repeated use
  • Chemically resistant to most gases being detected

Performance ‐ RH v Calibration Gas Flow Rate:
Figure 1 and 2 show the resultant outlet humidity’s at various flow rates for two controlled environments—one at 20 ⁰C with a 15 ⁰C dew point (a standard mild climate) and one at 35 ⁰C with a 27 ⁰C dew point (a typical hot and humid tropical climate).  Figure 3 shows the outlet RH vs. inlet RH at the common flow rate of 1 LPM for a range of lengths
.Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.07.31 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.07.40 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 4.07.16 PM