Ambient Temperature Sampling System for Electrochemical Sensors

The Perma Pure ACES™ systems prepare gas samples for analysis by electro-chemical sensor (ECS) analyzers when the sample is too humid for analysis but not condensing at ambient temperature. The unit both prepares the sample to the optimum RH for the analyzer and prevents moisture from condensing on the ECS sensor.
ECS analyzers suffer reliability problems when the sample is either too wet or too dry. ACES systems reduce sample humidity to the ideal range for ECS (typically 30-70%RH), while also removing any dust or dirt particles present. Incorporating a Perma Pure model MD-070-12P Nafion™ tubing membrane dryer, disposable 0.1 micron pre-filter, and integral sample pump, the ACES systems offer full corrosion resistance and very high selectivity, allowing complex samples to be processed without loss of analyte.
The ACES system is very easy to operate. Simply connect the ECS diffusion cell to the sample outlet of the ACES unit, then connect the sampling cell outlet back to the sample return port on the ACES. The ACES pump continuously draws the sample through the ECS, providing quick response time.
System power is supplied by a standard 120 or 240VAC circuit. If electrical power is not available or the system is to be installed in a hazardous area, an air driven version is also available. All models are housed in NEMA 3R housings that measure 12″W x 7″H x 6″D and has a clear hinged cover for convenient inspection of the flow rate and disposable filter. No tools are required for replacement of the filter or panel mounted Vertical installation is required for proper operation of the flowmeter. Wall mounting feet are supplied with the unit.
Typical applications includes ambient monitoring of humid environments such as those found in wastewater treatment plants or at landfills.

Aces Specifications

  • Sample flow rate: 0.1 to 2 lpm (optimum operating range 0.5-1.5 lpm)
  • Operating temperature: 40-80 F
  • Inlet sample RH – 20 – 80% RH
  • Ordering Part Number: AG-1207-F3 – Make sure to specify voltage of 120 or 240 VAC.
  • 12″w x 7″h x 7″d fiberglass enclosure w/transparent cover
  • Teflon™ sample tubing and Kynar™ fittings, 1/4″ compression inlet
  • Teflon-coated vacuum pump for sample & purge included
  • Panel-mounted sample gas flowmeter
  • Nafion™ tubing gas dryer included, model MD-070-12F-4
  • Corrosion-resistant Kynar filter body w/filter element of borosilicate glass fiber in Teflon binder, 0.1 µm (95%) porosity, model DIF-K70.
  • NEMA-4X rated enclosure
  • CE Mark

Aces Spare Parts

ITEM # Description
MD-070-12F-4 Nafion™ tubing dryer, 0.070″ O.D., 12″ length, fluorocarbon shell/fittings
MD-070-12E-F Nafion™ tubing dryer, 0.070″ O.D., 12″ length, replacement element only
DIF-K70 Disposable filter assembly, Kynar housing, 0.1 µm (95%) porosity
UG-1212-PUMP Vacuum pump for sample and purge, Teflon-coated (specify voltage)
AG-FM Flow meter, sample gas (0-1.5 L/min)