CEMS / Source Emissions Monitoring and Stack Testing

Perma Pure offers the most complete range of sample conditioning technology for CEMS and process measurements. The Baldwin™ Series line of thermoelectric coolers and probes is well known for quality, reliability and value. Nafion™ tubing -based sample conditioning lower CEMS operating and maintenance costs by removing moisture in vapor phase and drying the sample to a lower dew point. We offer the following product lines:

Nafion™ Tubing -Based Gas Sample Conditioning Systems

Nafion™-Based Gas Sample Conditioning Systems– While traditional gas sample coolers will reduce unwanted moisture from many sample gas streams, Perma Pure’s Nafion™ tubing -based systems drastically lower maintenance and operating costs by drying the sample in the vapor phase and to a lower dew point. Plus, with no moving parts there is no risk of catastrophic failure. Additionally, environmental agencies are permitting very low levels of pollutants and the only way these can be measured accurately is by conditioning the gas sample with a Perma Pure Nafion™ tubing -based Sample Conditioning System. Applications best suited to Nafion™ polymer  include:

  • Locations with low permitted levels of water soluable analytes – H2S, HCl, NOx and SOx
  • High moisture content (> 30%) gas streams
  • Very low dew points (-10 C) required for infra-red analyzers and high SO2 applications

Filters, Scrubbers, and Accessories

Filters, Scrubbers and Accessories – Perma Pure offers Ammonia and Acid Scrubbers, High Capacity Filters, Heatless Dryers and a range of accessories to improve your sample conditioning. We also offer these products to OEM manufacturers of analyzers and system integrators on a volume basis.

Baldwin Sample Gas Coolers and Probes

Baldwin Gas Coolers & Probes -Perma Pure acquired Baldwin Environmental Systems, a well-respected respected manufacturer of traditional gas cooler and related gas sample conditioning equipment in 2006. Since the acquisition, we have made many quality improvements, updated the product line with the new Digital Cooler Series and brought it into our ISO 9001 approved production facility in Lakewood, NJ. We offer a full line of proven, high quality Gas Sample Coolers, Dilution Probes and related Sample Conditioning products and accessories.

Portable Equipment for Stack Testers

Portable Gas Sampling Equipment – Perma Pure has developed a range of unique portable equipment, from gas coolers, zero air generators to full sampling systems designed to make your life easier.