Perma Pure’s Portable Nafion™ Tubing Membrane Dryer with Desiccant to Extract Water From Sample Gas Streams

For applications requiring portability, the DM™-Series desiccant membrane dryer is ideal. No pumps or purge gases are required, yet the pocket-sized dryer removes water vapor from a flowing gas stream for hours, leaving other components in the gas stream unaffected. The dryer can be reused repeatedly and can be recharged in minutes by replacing its desiccant.
DM (Desiccant/Membrane) gas dryers combine the selectivity of Nafion™ tubing gas dryers with the simplicity of desiccant canister dryers. Gaseous sample flowing through the dryer contacts only Nafion™ tubing, which very selectively absorbs water vapor from the gas while quantitatively retaining the remaining sample components in the gas stream. Typically water passes through the Nafion™ tubing wall and is carried away by a dry purge gas; instead, in DM-Series dryers, desiccant packed around the tubing provides a dry purge environment. No power or other utilities are required.

DM-Series Specifications


  1. 24″ long Nafion™ tubing with protective polypropylene braiding
  2. Molecular Sieve Desiccant
  3. Color change indicator media (Blue to pink)
  4. Clear plastic window
  5. Molded impact-resistant ABS plastic case
  6. Door for replacement of desiccant media
  7. Female luer lock gas connection fittings (Optional 1/8″ polypropylene compression fittings available)
Model Number DM-060-24  DM-110-24
Drying Tube 0.063″ o.d., 0.052″ i.d. 0.108″ o.d., 0.086″ i.d.
Desiccant 2.5 oz. – 4Å Molecular Sieve w/indicator 5.5 oz. – 4Å Molecular Sieve w/indicator
Housing  4.2″ x 2.4″ x 1.0″ 5.0″ x 2.75″ x 1.5″
Flow Rates Up to 500 mL/min Up to 1 L/min
Drying per Charge 72 liters per desiccant refill 150 Liters per desiccant refill
  • DM-060-24
  • DM-060-24COMP2
  • DM-110-24
  • DM-110-24COMP4

DM Series Desiccant Membrane Dryer Maintenance Items

ITEM # Description
DM-AR Desiccant refill, 1 liter (provides 10 refills)