A Nafion™-Based Solution Optimized for Challenging CEMS Environments

The Readi-GASS™ system is designed to remove moisture, particulate, and coalescing liquid from the sample gas while retaining the water soluble acid gases such as SO2 and NOx. By utilizing the Nafion™ dryer, Readi-GASS™ can provide low level measurement of SO2, such as after the FGD at coal-based thermal power plants. The extremely robust design of Readi-GASS™ helps it deliver exceptionally accurate results, even with dirty and moist compressed air. Plus, it even compensates for temporary failure of the heated probe and sample line.
Readi-GASS™ System Features

  • Nafion™ drying technology
  • Preserves water-soluble acid analytes
  • Can handle 20% of moisture v/v  at 5 lpm of sample gas flow
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures up to 50°C
  • Eliminates the need for a high-temperature heated sample line and condensing cooler
  • Alarm for low temp, pressure, power failure
  • Suited for both high and low levels of SO2 and NOx
  • Achieves low sample dew points < 4°C
  • Easy installation and low maintenance

Principal of Operation
The system contains two temperature-controlled zones mounted in an environmentally sealed, NEMA-4X housing.

First Zone:  High-Temperature Area
The sample passes through a two-stage filtration process to remove particles as small as 0.1 micron. Acid mists, if present, are coalesced and then removed by an auto drain. The sample then passes through a Nafion™ dryer, which removes the moisture in the vapor phase. The initial portion of the dryer is heated above the sample dew point to prevent condensation and make drying more efficient. The high-temperature zone can be controlled at 80°C.

Second Zone:  Ambient Temperature Area
In the second zone, the sample passes through the remainder of the dryer, further reducing the dew point to as low as  0°C. A second Perma Pure PD series dryer is used to dry the incoming atmospheric air that is used to purge itself and the sample gas dryer thereby avoiding the requirement for instrument air.

Readi-GASS™ Solves Common CEMS Challenges

  • Unique Nafion™-based technology eliminates condensed water issues
  • 0.1 um FF-250 coalescing particulate filter eliminates acid mist and particulate matter issues
  • Dual filtration scheme protects the system from occasional failure of the heated line and heated probe
  • Unique Nafion™ dryers retains SO2/NOx to overcome soluble gas loss in the condensed water
  • In-situ installation overcomes the challenges associated with long heated lines