Bring Purified “Zero” Air Anywhere with the Portable Zero Air Generator

Bring “Zero” air to the point of use without handling bulky and hazardous compressed gas cylinders. The Zero-Air generator produces up to 18 liters per minute of purified air with just the flip of a switch. Compounds treated include CO, NOx, SOx, water vapor, hydrocarbons, acid vapors, odors, and bacteria. Best of all, the unit is totally self-contained in a convenient portable case. Portability is enhanced by its light weight (27lbs), build-in carrying handle, and lack of protrusions outside the case. An internal Nafion™ tubing gas dryer dries the air to a 0C dew point or better, depending on pressure and flow settings. A fixed purge stream is produced by expanding a portion of the dried gas exiting the dryer. The unit includes:

  • Perma Pure Product Number: ZA-750-12
  • Sealed portable case with compressor
  • Flow controls
  • 10 µm inlet filter
  • PD-100T-12 Nafion™ tubing dryer
  • Activated carbon filter
  • UV sterilizer
  • NO converter
  • Soda lime filter with silica gel indicator
  • Catalytic NOx scrubber.
The Zero-Air generator only requires connection to standard 110 VAC power to operate. The internal compressor will supply up to 18 liters per minute of compressed air. The maximum pressure of the air is internally regulated to 30 psig. A panel mounted flow meter and pressure gauge indicate compressor output.

Zero Air Generator Spare Parts

PD-100T-12MZA Replacement PD-Series gas dryer
ZA-AR Purafil™ activated carbon absorbent, one refill
DIF-N70 Filter replacement, 0.1 micron glass-fiber particulate