Wastewater Treatment Sample Conditioning Product Selection Guide

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For Waste Water & Fermentation, Perma Pure recommends the MicroGASS and ACES products, depending on the sample type. These applications look for CH4, H2S and 02 produced from digester tanks. The sample gas is typically very wet from the fermentation process. The MicroGASS and ACES are the recommended products to be used for these applications, depending on how wet the sample is and whether there is condensation where the measurement is being made. Most measurements are made with electrochemical cells so some moisture must be left in, otherwise the sensors will fail. Depending on the process, if it is very wet the MicroGASS will be used with a heated dryer internal to the device and heated sample lines from the source. The ACES is used where the sample does not need to be heated and the sample flow is low (1-2 lpm). Link to MicroGass and Aces Sampling Systems Information.

Waste Water Fermentation
(CH4, H2S, O2) Sample Heating Required

Waste Water Fermentation
(CH4, H2S, O2) Low Flow / No Sample Heating