Bare Nafion™ Tubing Available in Multiple Diameters and Cut to Length

Perma Pure offers bare Nafion™ tubing in a variety of sizes. Our customers use the tubing for a wide variety of applications, applying the unique properties of Nafion™ polymer to their own product designs or in their own lab experiments. Nafion™ tubing is priced per meter. For Nafion™’s polymer selectivity properties by chemical, please use the Selectivity Guide at the bottom of this page.
Note: Contact Us if you have a project that calls for Nafion™ tubing in larger diameters than you see here. We can consider producing custom tubing for your application if quantities are large enough. For Nafion™ tubing in sheet form, please visit Ion Power at

Part Number Inside Diameter (in) Outside Diameter (in) Wall Thickness (in) Internal Volume (cc/ft) Weight (H+Form) (g/ft)
Min Max Min Max
TT-020 0.012 0.016 0.018 0.024 0.003 0.030 N/A
TT-030 0.023 0.028 0.030 0.036 0.003 0.097 0.1645
TT-050 0.038 0.046 0.048 0.058 0.005 0.273 0.3415
TT-060 0.047 0.057 0.057 0.069 0.005 0.418 0.4140
TT-070 0.054 0.066 0.065 0.079 0.006 0.556 N/A
TT-110 0.077 0.094 0.097 0.119 0.010 1.143 1.388


Perma Pure Nafion™ Tubing Application Information

  1. Nafion™ Tubing Dryer Performance and Selectivity
  2. Effects of Temperature on Nafion™ Gas Dryers
  3. Compounds Removed by Nafion™ Dryers
  4. Sulfuric Acid in Gas Samples
  5. Drying Technology: Microporous vs Nafion™
  6. Nafion™ tubing: Physical and Chemical Properties
  7. Tap Water and The Ion Exchange Properties ofNafion™
  8. The Acidity of Nafion™
  9. Formaldehyde Permeation Through Nafion™ Tubing
  10. Gas Permeability of Nafion™

Basic Video Describing Properties of Nafion™ Tubing

Please watch the short video below to better understand how Nafion™ tubing works.