Nafion™ Tubing -Based Sample Conditioning Systems – The Best Choice for Marine Scrubbers

Perma Pure offers Nafion™ tubing -based Sample Conditioning Systems and Nafion™ tubing Dryers to ensure the accuracy of  SO2 measurements. According to MEPC 184(59) –The Guideline for Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems, SO2 can be measured at the output of the wet scrubber for compliance in case the vessel operator does not choose to burn fuel with 0.1% sulfur content in ECAs (Emission Control Areas). Because the level of SO2 is so low coming out of the scrubber, a peltier based cooler is not able to condition the sample properly without the low levels of SO2 present disappearing in the condensate. Additionally, cooler based systems are unreliable at sea due to the harsh working conditions. Only Sample Conditioning Systems using Perma Pure’s Nafion™ tubing gas dryers  both provide Marine operators with the reliability they need. Additionally, because the moisture in the sample is removed in the vapor phase, SO2 can be measured accurately.
Perma Pure offers the following product options for Marine So2 Analyzers:

Marine-GASS Sample Conditioning System

The Marine-GASS Sample Conditioning System – With a rugged Nema / Type 4x corrosion resistant enclosure especially suited for Marine environments, the Marine-GASS™ system prepares hot gas sample streams for high performance SO2 gas analysis. The Marine-GASS remove particles, acid mists, and water vapor from the exhaust gas stream without any loss of SO2. Nafion™ tubing – based systems are the only products that can remove moisture from the sample stream without affecting the SO2 content. At low sulfur levels, traditional coolers loose up to 90% of the analyte and cannot be used for accurate measurements. The Marine-GASS has been tested to conform to marine type approvals, so it can be submitted for your complete CEMS certifiction without modification.

PD Series Nafion™ Tubing Gas Sample Dryer

The PD (Polytube Dryer) Series transfers moisture from one gas stream to a counter-flowing dry purge gas stream, much like a shell-and-tube heat exchanger transfers heat, using multiple Nafion™ tubing. These are used in the IndiGASS and are chosen by OEM manufacturers of sample conditioning systems worldwide. A wide range of lengths and tube diameters is available to cover the sample gas flow range of 1-40lpm. They are known for their high performance and long-term reliability in the world’s toughest CEMS applications. Link to PD Series