For over 40 years, Perma Pure has helped organizations protect life by giving them the ability to control water vapor. Our gas sample dryers and gas conditioning systems made with Nafion™ tubing are far superior to alternatives like water traps, desiccant dryers, thermoelectric coolers or heating systems.  When we tried to evaluate how we can support our customers better, we realized that our potential to add more value is much higher than we initially anticipated and decided it warranted a rebrand.

 “Our new brand symbolizes the mission of our new and larger company foundation. We are making innovative strides to help our customers improve breathing-related healthcare, or perfect their scientific and environmental analytical solutions,” said Sharon Bracken, CEO, Perma Pure group.

While strengthening our core expertise in moisture control, we are actively engaged in providing more value to our partners so that they can focus on delivering the best analytical technology and life-saving equipment. 

Perma Pure’s rebrand reflects the larger role we intend to play to help the world breathe easier and be healthier. As we introduce our new look, we invite you to take advantage of our added expertise, improved operational capabilities, investment in innovation, and our customer-centric culture, all of which are backed by strong fundamentals in quality.

Perma Pure - Breathe Easier. Be Healthier.

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