Accurate breath analysis is key for diagnosis and assessment of pulmonary illnesses. Breath analysis is an important evaluation tool to support respiratory therapists and pulmonologists in the diagnosis and treatment of varying respiratory illnesses. Unfortunately, moisture is an impediment to successful breath analysis. Moisture in breath samples can adversely impact the accuracy of breath analysis and damage devices. As such, respiratory device providers seek robust solutions that reduce moisture from breath samples and help yield accurate results.

New Jersey-based Perma Pure offers the humidity control manufacturers need. Perma Pure’s dryers, made from Nafion™Tubing represent a proven answer to humidity challenges. Current applications include capnography and patient monitoring, fractional exhaled nitric oxide(FeNO), pulmonary function testing, and inhaled gas therapy. This highly selective tubing seamlessly integrates with gas sampling lines, reducing condensation while retaining analytes in the breath sample. As a result, care providers can more accurately diagnose and assess respiratory conditions while reducing alarms and minimizing risk of device damage. The reduction in alarm fatigue allows health care professionals to focus on providing the best possible patient care. “Whenever a respiratory device manufacturer reaches out to us, we assign engineers to understand their needs and customize the Nafion™ Tubing solution according to their devices,” says Sharon Bracken, president, Perma Pure.

Although Nafion™ Tubing is primarily used to remove moisture, its unique properties enable use in reverse. Humidifying a gas stream using Nafion™ Tubing was inspired by a close friend of one of our engineers. He was suffering from extreme discomfort while receiving low-flow oxygen therapy as part of his cancer treatment. Heat and humidification were seen as a way to decrease discomfort. “Understanding the patient’s requirement, we embedded Nafion™ Tubing into an easy to use, easy to maintain, lightweight solution that enabled care providers to ensure a more comfortable treatment,” Sharon adds.

Perma Pure supported another OEM as they reengineered their existing solution to make dryer replacement easier for the end-user. Within the OEM’s parameters, Perma Pure identified the optimal dryer and fittings for their solution. When hurdles occurred, delaying development, Perma Pure offered solutions using collaboration, engineering capabilities and equipment investment. “We don’t just provide the assemblies, we also invest heavily in tooling. As such, we can provide samples for evaluation faster and facilitate the entire manufacturing process,” says Sharon.

By addressing new moisture concerns and holistically serving respiratory manufacturers, Perma Pure has grown sustainably. During the pandemic, Nafion™ Tubing was a key component in managing moisture during treatment of critical breathing problems.

Global awareness of these respiratory problems increased, driving interest in available therapies like high-flow oxygen therapy. Understanding how Nafion™ Tubing can enhance such therapies will enable Perma Pure to support their adoption.
“By rebranding our organization and strengthening our core expertise, we are set to broaden our capabilities and support the next generation of respiratory device development,” Sharon mentions.

Perma Pure has set its footprint as a trusted respiratory supplier of enhanced moisture control solutions. Over the years, Nafion™ Tubing has helped manufacturers address patient challenges, optimizing where and how therapies and breath analysis take place. By investing in our engineering, regulatory, and manufacturing capabilities, Perma Pure
has continued to strengthen existing partnerships and
build relationships with new respiratory device providers. In the coming years, the market will witness more innovative solutions from this team of moisture control experts—forever changing the face of breath analysis and helping people everywhere breathe easier and be healthier.

Nafion™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC used under license by Perma Pure LLC.

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