Nafion is not only highly resistant to chemical attack, it also exhibits highly selective absorption and transfer of compounds. Most substances are retained quantitatively. Although they do not attack or damage the Nafion tubing, some polar organic substances are absorbed and consequently lost. Ammonia and amines are also absorbed and lost to some degree. For retention information on specific chemicals, use the following pull down menu.

Acid Dew Point Calculator

Dew point is the temperature at which condensation will form. To calculate the dew point of a stream which takes into account the acid concentration, use the calculator below.

As a practical matter, most samples of gases from combustion processes where coal or oil is the fuel, contain about 10%-12% water. Gases from combustion processes where natural gas is the fuel contain about 22% water because the fuel has more hydrogen to form water. Gases from wet scrubber systems have much higher water contents, typically 40-60%.

NOTE: It was assumed that 2%, by weight, of SO2 will react to form SO3.

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