BE Series Utilizes Nafion™ Tubing to Reliably Add Humidity to Calibration Gases used in Laboratory and Scientific Applications

LAKEWOOD, N.J., March 9, 2016 – Perma Pure LLC, a global leader of gas conditioning solutions for medical, scientific, and environmental monitoring applications, today unveiled its new BE Series moisture exchangers.  Humidifying calibration gas has been shown to improve detector accuracy and reduce false alarms.  Perma Pure’s Nafion™ tubing -based BE Series has been specifically designed to achieve these results.  This highly-selective permeation tubing extracts moisture from the surrounding ambient environment to humidify the calibration gas to the required level for laboratory and scientific applications.

Perma Pure’s BE Series solutions have been tested and characterized for gas detection systems to make it easy to humidify gas during the system calibration and set up procedure.  These moisture exchangers are made from Nafion™  polymer, which is chemically resistant to most gases being detected. The continuous moisture transfer properties of the BE series provides long-term performance and minimizes service costs.  The Company’s new BE series is available in a range of lengths supporting the most common flow requirements. The BE series can also be used as a gas dryer to dehumidify wet gas streams to near ambient level humidity.

Perma Pure BE Series Key Facts and Highlights:

  • Simple installation, only requiring the BE series product to be placed in line and exposed to surrounding atmosphere
  • Consistent performance over time through continuous regeneration
  • Long service life by maintaining performance through repeated use
  • Chemically resistant to most gases being detected

Exhibit at Pittcon:

Perma Pure will be exhibiting at Pittcon 2016, March 6-10, in Atlanta, GA. Visit Booth 1533, to learn more about the Company’s industry-leading Nafion™ tubing -based gas dryers and moisture exchangers, including the new BE Series.

About Perma Pure LLC

Perma Pure LLC, a Halma company, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance gas conditioning solutions, including dryers, humidifiers, filters, coalescers, specialty scrubbers and complete sample conditioning systems.  The Company is the exclusive manufacturer of tubing solutions using Nafion™ polymer, an ion exchange co-polymer originally developed by DuPont.  With products that deliver best-in-class quality and reliability, Perma Pure is the trusted choice for market leaders in medical, scientific, and environmental monitoring markets.  The Company’s products contribute to the health, safety, and well-being of millions of people around the world.  Perma Pure LLC is ISO certified to 9001:2008, 13485:2003, and is FDA registered. For more information, visit