Trust Our Drying Experts to Help You Improve Accuracy

Perma Pure’s Nafion™ tubing can remove moisture in a variety of medical applications to help maintain accurate analysis and protect the sensing mechanism, allowing you to provide the best care for your patients.

Drying Challenges in Continuous Monitoring

Medical professionals are increasingly using breath to monitor patients. However, if patient breath is not conditioned properly or if not attended to, it can affect the accuracy and timeliness of the results.

Sometimes a water trap is placed in the sample line to try to remove condensation. Unfortunately, this isn’t useful if condensation occurs after the gas passes through the water trap. If water traps are moved or disturbed, a slug of liquid may be sent into the equipment causing major damage. Even worse, this may trigger low level alarms to grab the nurse’s attention to remove water. The reaction to these low-level alarms may lead to alarm fatigue in healthcare professionals.

Drying Challenges in Respiratory Diagnostics

The medical market is moving away from intensive, laborious and expensive tests to quick, efficient and cost-effective testing. Several researchers have tested patient breath to diagnose and monitor a variety of issues, including asthma, gastrointestinal issues and cancer. However, moisture in our breath tends to decrease the life of typical filters used in outpatient breath analysis devices. This results in a laborious process of replacing filters at regular intervals, and if not, you run the risk of getting poor quality results.

Get The Perma Pure Nafion™ Tubing Drying Advantage

The solution to these challenges is Perma Pure’s Nafion™ tubing. It is highly selective in removing only water vapor while preserving analytes. Our drying technology will seamlessly integrate with a gas sample line and reduce condensation, which can help improve the accuracy of analyses, reduce alarms from water traps, allowing the caregiver to focus on providing best possible care to the patient.

Perma Pure’ ME Series Nafion™ tubing dryers have 510(k) approval and can be produced in our FDA-registered, CGMP compliant clean room to your specifications. From tubing to entire sample lines with your labeling and UDIs, we can support your drying applications.


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